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Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

Reno, NV


Reno, NV

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1 miles to market

1 miles as the crow flies

About Us

In early 2010, after fifteen years in the industry, it was time to do coffee differently. After a trip to India (yes, India) Buchheister hit the open road in search of the perfect spot for his new concept. He landed in Truckee, California, an area he loved visiting over the years to see his ski racing friends. Coffeebar was born in October 2010 on a back street in Truckee in an old tin garage. With its rustic modern design and a strong belief in local, high-quality food and sustainable practices, Coffeebar transformed Jibboom Street into a bustling haven for the community of Tahoe’s north shore. But nothing that is easy is ever worth doing and challenges are where you grow. After three bad winters and the constant seasonal swings in Tahoe and it was time to expand into a more consistent market. Nestled in Midtown Reno, Coffeebar opened in early 2014 and has since become an institution to the neighborhood and the Reno community as a whole. “We brought specialty coffee to Reno in a way that it hadn’t been executed before. Free of pretension and full of heart,” says Buchheister. Coffeebar continues to grow, expanding to a bakery in Truckee, a store in the Village at Squaw Valley, another in Menlo Park, and a roastery in Midtown Reno opening in 2018. Each location with its own character has been built with the same heart and principles of hospitality, excellence, and constantly strive for improvement. “We are only as good as the day we are open,” says Buchheister. “But looking back on 20 years in the coffee business, Coffeebar is definitely my hit record."

Coffeebar goes above and beyond in their sourcing for the beans and has direct relationships with farmers and importers. Paying more per pound than most, they stand above for their ethics and fair compensation for farmers. We are proud to work with Coffeebar!