Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

Reno, NV

Avanzino Farms

Reno, NV

Location Info:

70 acres acres in Reno, NV

3 miles to market

3 miles as the crow flies

About Us

Avanzino Farms has been in Reno since 1925. George Avanzino, spent 84 years living in the Reno area where he owned and operated Avanzino Farms/Ranch. George’s son, Doug Avanzino, is continuing the tradition of his family’s farm.

Avazino’s Farm sustainability program includes leaving crop residue along the ground to mitigate wind erosion by reducing the wind speeds at ground level and trapping moisture in the soil during the winter months. Their cattle graze in the fields to knock down some of the bigger crops and feast on the weeds.

During harvest season you will find corn, basil, and various summer squash: zucchini, yellow squash, and patty pans, to name a few. In the fall they will have pumpkins, winter squash: acorn, spaghetti, and butternut, along with other varieties.