• Bare Ranch Eggs
  • Bare Ranch Eggs
  • Bare Ranch Eggs

Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

Reno, NV

Bare Ranch Eggs

Eagleville, CA

Location Info:

6,000 for whole operation and 497 for our egg operation acres in Eagleville, CA

130 miles to market

111 miles as the crow flies

About Us

The Estill Family has been ranching in California for generations. The Bare Ranch, in the High Desert area of Great Basin, was purchased by John, Lani, and Jewell Estill in 2005. The Estill’s produce beef, lamb, and wool; raise our new organic, free range chicken and eggs; and grow organic alfalfa.

On the Bare Ranch, we believe in sustainable, family agriculture. We pay attention to our soil health and have implemented a full circle compost operation as a part of our ranch Carbon Farm Plan. Our hens prosper and run free range on certified organic pasture, nurtured by fresh air, water and sunshine, and then go home to roost in spacious chicken houses. Our cattle and sheep are USDA inspected, along with GAP (Global Animal Partnership) certified.  Our lambs are Certified Naturally Grown (soon to be GAP certified). We are in the process of having our chickens and sheep certified by AWA (Animal Welfare Approved). The cattle and Rambouillet sheep graze on Forest Service and BLM public land grazing permits for much of the year. Our sheep, lamb outside under the watchful eye of the sheepherders and their dogs.


Ours, is a lifestyle rooted in tradition and grandeur. Close to the earth, close to nature, ever so open and exposed to elements beyond control of man.