Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

Reno, NV

Cherry Dog Orchards

Fallon, NV

Location Info:

2.83 acres acres in Fallon, NV

61.3 miles to market

53.2 miles as the crow flies

About Us

Cherry Dog Orchards raises fruit trees using currently acceptable organic practices. Our cherries, peaches and apples are grown with love! Water from the Carson River behind our farm is used to irrigate the property.

Our flock of 36 chickens (and growing!) are cage fee, free ranging animals who are fed a largely organic diet but also like to snack on our leftovers on occasion. We believe that they are our partners in the orchard, as they aerate and fertilize the soil surrounding our trees.

Our farmhouse was built in 1976 and the owners planted orchards sometime in the 1990’s. The Sweets bought the farm in approximately 2011 and cared for the property utilizing organic practices.
We bought the farm in 2018 and have continued with the practices that we were taught by the Sweets, thoughtful planning  and an environment that utilizes the natural resources that we have in abundance, rich soil, clean water and lots of sunshine!