Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

Reno, NV


Reno, NV

Location Info:

1/8 acre acres in Reno, NV

11 miles to market

17 miles as the crow flies

About Us

Ecologica Farm became of formal entity 8 years ago. However, the gardens in Pleasant Valley were started 20 years ago. The hardpan soil has been amended with compost, manure, straw and clippings. We have never used any sprays or synthetic fertilizers. Over the years we have learned to live with the numerous ‘critters’ that live in the surrounding hills. The fencing finally developed stops the burrowing animals as well as keeping out rabbits, squirrels and deer. The first small greenhouse was built last year. As with all new endeavors in these windy hills it has taken a season to figure out how to keep a greenhouse intact in a 70 mph wind.