• Glorious Garlic Farm
  • Glorious Garlic Farm
  • Glorious Garlic Farm
  • Glorious Garlic Farm

Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

Reno, NV

Glorious Garlic Farm

Washoe Valley, NV

Location Info:

acres in Washoe Valley, NV

20 miles to market

15 miles as the crow flies

About Us

At Glorious Garlic Farm, we specialize in producing a wide array of premium garlic varieties for cooking and growing. We grow garlic, potatoes, winter squash and pumpkins, with many heirloom varieties. You’ll find our garlic and produce at some of Northern Nevada restaurants and retailers.

All our products are grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers. We pull weeds!

“I’m doin my dream crop it’s garlic. It’s been 35 years now and we have the land and a beautiful climate for growing it. When I was working full time people asked me that and I said ‘I’d grow garlic and I would have a blues bar.’ Luckily Rusty talked me out of the blues bar. I’m really happy with the garlic though and this scale is manageable for me, I’ll be doing this until I can’t do it anymore.” – Arnold Carbone, Owner