Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

Reno, NV

Lattin Farms

Fallon, Nevada

Location Info:

400 acres in Fallon, Nevada

62 miles to market

53 miles as the crow flies

About Us

In the 1860s, Lattin Farms, now on the corner of McLean and Sheckler Roads, actually sat on the southfork of the Carson River. In fact, the river ran within 100 yards southwest of where the Old-Fashioned Roadside Produce Stand now sits, underneath the neighbor’s house. The Wagon Trail came right by this property in the mid-1800s. And in the 1860s, the property was the starting point of the Smith-Toll Road that led southeast to Grimes Point. And as the name suggests, there was a toll stop along the rute. In 1879, what’s now known as Lattin Farms was sold to a former owner, Thomas Toomey, for $1,500, payable only in U.S. Gold Coin. The house was built sometime between 1890 and 1917, with rooms added through the years. George W. and Sarah (Van Patten) Lattin came from South Dakota to Nevada around 1909. George’s ancestors came to New York in the mid-1700s from England. In his lifetime, George served in the Spanish-American War, was an educated lawyer, newspaper publisher, county judge and farmer. George lived on some 80 acres south of town. He owned multiple parcels throughout the Valley.About a year after his and Sarah’s 50th wedding anniversary, George died at 74, from wounds sustained by an agitated bull. His 1932 obituary told that he was survived by eight children, one of which was Ralph. After returning from WWII, two of George’s grandsons, Bill and Richard (Dick), who were Ralph’s sons, bought the 240 acres that sit adjacent to their father’s land down Sheckler Road a few miles. Bill and Edna (Brite)Lattin lived on this Farm from 1946 -1964. In addition to farming, Bill was a teacher and an educational advisor to the Air Force. Then, beginning in 1964, he worked at the Carson City prison until he retired in 1985. Bill’s son, Rick, and his wife, B Ann (Crook) Lattin moved onto the Farm in 1977. The Lattin Family has been farming the Lahontan Valley for five generations. Since 1977, the family has pioneered the production of red raspberries in Nevada. Surprisingly, the warm desert days and cool, high-altitude nights allow the full flavor of fruits like berries and melons to thrive. Such conditions have made the Fallon area regionally-famous for the Hearts O’ Gold Cantaloupe, which has an unparalleled sweetness. Lattin Farms has been selling produce since the mid-50s and the Old-Fashioned Roadside Produce Stand has been in operation since 1989. Locals as well as hundreds of out-of-town visitors anticipate its opening every year. Regular customers have come to expect and appreciate the fresh, high-quality produce and friendly service at the “produce stand right on the farm!” The profile of the American Farm, and certainly one in the middle of the desert, has changed dramatically since George Lattin settled in the Lahontan Valley 90 years ago. His legacy has invested time, sweat, heart and soul into cultivating the earth and preserving some traditions of American Farming. Today, George’s great grandson, Rick, along with his wife, BAnn, and their family, are still very much involved in growing food to live for their family and others. But, they believe their purpose has extended that is, to share the respect they have, and the pleasure they receive, from experiences on the Farm–from challenges, accomplishments, education, enrichment, and most of all, fun. The Lattin Family has enjoyed all this for years, and now wants to share it with you through programs such as the Nevada Maze, the Old-Fashioned Roadside Produce Stand and BAnn’s Flower and Herb Garden. We hope you enjoy your visit with us!