Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

Reno, NV

Mary Alice Sprout Farm

Reno, NV

Location Info:

>1/8 acres in Reno, NV

1 miles to market

1 miles as the crow flies

About Us

Our Farms House was built in 1906 on 5 acres. With Fruit orchards and hen houses with eggs for sale, it was a fully functional farm. With our renovations, it has now converted to grow local, organic sprouts with care. MaryAlice’s Sprout Farms is a unique, new farming concept that offers people a varietal blend of organic sprouts in big bags. We are committed to making sprouts a primary food source in the world. We have a state of the art, small, commercial sprout growing facility and bring in organic seed from around the world. We have the ability to grow 650 lbs. pounds every 5 days. WE BELIEVE OUR SPROUT BLENDS ARE LIKE NO OTHER IN THE WORLD AND WE GROW THEM WITH LOVE.

The sprout industry is highly regulated and although we are small sprout farm, we have taken advanced training and hold FDA certifications as sprout growers.

Our commercial facility complies with all new regulations recently passed by the us department of agriculture in regards to the food safety modernization act and particularly subpart-m which pertains to sprout growing. Besides complying with the highest safety and cleanliness standards, every crops’ second day irrigation water is tested for specific food pathogens as required by the USDA before the crops are released. Sprouts are the only crop from which this is required but, in turn, creates a knowing that you are eating the healthiest, live food available.

We have internal operating procedures which verify the safety and proper storage of all our organic seed, keeping all seed in a environmentally controlled area.

Maryalice Galt, owner and founder, is an environmental attorney and farmer and has worked closely with the FDA this last three years assisting the sprout safety alliance and has sat on the board of directors of the international sprout growers association for the last five years. Ms. Galt is one of the few FDA certified sprout growers and trainers in the country.