Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

Reno, NV

More Alive Now

Gardnerville, NV

Location Info:

.05 acres in Gardnerville, NV

50 miles to market

41 miles as the crow flies

About Us

Our goal is to infuse the health benefits of kefir into the American culture by introducing kefir d’acqua-sparkling probiotic water kefir- beginning at home base in our NV community. Kefir d’acqua, a living fermented water-based beverage, is our flagship product which is dairy free, effervescent, and delicious. Water kefir is new to the fermented probiotic drink industry with a taste, genetic profile, and health benefits unique to kefirs.

Science and Health is just beginning to embark on understanding the benefits of nourishing the microbiome. Kefir is a natural way to supplement the microbiome and has been documented as a functional food, offering benefits beyond its nutritional make-up. The name “kefir” means “feel good”. More Alive Now kefir d’acqua is a sparkling, water-based kefir, dairy free and tastes amazing. Kids love it!

More Alive Now is a Gardnerville, NV based operation, with sales in South Shore, North Shore, around Lake Tahoe, and Tahoe Basin, resulting in a successful Summer season for 2019. We would like to establish a presence in Reno this Fall and Winter, 2019.

Our efforts are to assist healthy living now by offering our unique tasting products and education, and lay groundwork for healthy lifestyles in our future.